The EWB Tri-Cities Chapter gets involved in many activities, including community outreach programs. The chapter uses the various community outreach programs to develop teamwork while providing assistance to the local communities.   


We have enjoyed working with Holston Habitat for Humanity in Johnson City on three housing projects.  In addition, our chapter has had the opportunity to tour ETSU’s Valleybrook Campus and take part in an exercise.  


On October 18, 2014, our chapter helped with Holston Habitat build a home at 908 East Lakeview Drive in Johnson City TN. We worked on many external projects including the addition of a porch. 

On March 8, 2014 and June 21, 2014, our chapter helped with Holston Habitat build a home  at 700 Lamont Street in Johnson City TN.  March 8th, we helped build the interior walls.   June 21st, was spent painting the interior of the house. 

On February 1, 2014 and in October of  2013, our chapter helped with Holston Habitat build a home  at 1804 West Lakeview Drive in Johnson City TN.  We helped with building the interior walls along with building a porch.   

On September 27, 2014, our chapter received an overview of Valleybrook Farm Campus and the ETSU CPH ESSENTIALScourse .  After the overview, we took part in a competition to build shoes from limited resources.

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