The EWB Tri-Cities Chapter organizes different kinds of activities to bring members together. The section participated in a few social events such as the chapter’s one year anniversary and the EWB Southeast Regional camping trip in Western North Carolina. 


Members of our chapter have attended the 2013 Southeast Regional Conference in Atlanta as well as the National Conference in Washington D.C. in late October of 2014.  

EWB Tri-Cities Professional Chapter

March 11, 2014 Meeting

On August 9, 2014, EWB Tri-Cities celebrated its one year anniversary at Backbone Rock in Damascus VA.

On Memorial Day May 25, 2015, Lauren Johnson and Lane Daley went on WHJL's Daytime Tri-Cities to promote the upcoming golf tournament and the chapter. 

EWB Tri-Cities members took part in the EWB Southeast Regional Camping Trip  in Western North Carolina on March 28 – 30, 2014.